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    • Organizing, Tools
    • Hair, Eyes
    • Heads
    • Three Little Softies:
      A Collection of Small Dolls
      Little Guy
      Terry Baby
      Snow Baby
    • Seasonal Sensations:
      A Collection of Ornaments
      Folk Art Angel
      Paper Angel
      Wacky Witch
    • Heaven Scent:
      A Lacy Potpourri Doll
    • Great Grannies!:
      A Traditional Mop Doll
    • Baby, Baby, Oh Baby!:
      A Life-sized Newborn Baby Doll
    • Cool Dudes:
      A Modern Rag Doll
    • Once Upon a Time:
      A Double Doll

Title: Dolls Kids Can Make
Author: Sheila McGraw
Publication Date: HC:1995
Publisher: Firefly Books, Ltd., Buffalo, NY
Page Count: 72
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 1895565758

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating The dolls look good made up, and there is a nice variety. Patterns are well laid out and very well marked, including seam allowances, except instead of a grainline arrow, she has an arrow marked "stretch" instead. I'm not sure why she did this instead of teaching the standard marking, but there it is. Those few patterns that are not full-sized are gridded, and give instructions for enlarging on a copy machine as well.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating This is a pattern book geared to allow older children to make their own cloth dolls, so I was a little hard on it - and it still got five stars. The steps are well broken down and heavily color photo illustrated. I had no trouble following along any of the projects.

SUMMARY- I was very impressed with this book. I think middle-aged to older child could follow these instructions and the patterns are engaging enough they'd want to try. This is a very well put together book, and I believe hits what it's aiming at.