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  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • 1. Feet - At the Bottom of It All
    • Template sewing hints
      Types of Feet
      Constructing the Feet
      Changing the size of feet and shoes
      Adding structure to a foot
      Haughty Heels- When the heel is part of the cloth foot
      Changing a pancake leg to a flat bottomed foot
  • 2. Self Fabric and Appliqué Shoes
    • Straight Line Method
      Curved Line Method
      Slanted Line Method
      Appliqué Techniques: (Zigzag, Reverese, Fusible Web Folded)
      Appliqué on Appliqué: (Creating a cuff and tongue for a high top shoe, Creating a mock quarter)
  • 3. Painting Perfect Shoes
    • Painting Supplies
      Painting Techniques
      Additional Techniques
      Let's talk about glue
      Supplies for creating removable shoes
      Shoe Uppers
      Suggested Materials for Outer Soles
  • 4. Creating Removable Shoes
    • Sewn together shoes:
      Low Sloper, Method 1 & 2
      High Sloper
      Master Sloper
      Assembling the upper
      Attaching the upper to the inner sole
      Adding a filler
      Attaching the outer sole and heel
      Constructing an upper that needs to be lined
  • 5. Designing Specialty Shoes- Slippers Sandals and Sports
    • Slippers (Mule, Fuzzy, Traditional, Men's Style 1 & 2)
      Sandals (Straps, Soles, Wedge heel, Birkenstock Style)
      Sports Shoes (Swim Fins, Running Shoes)
  • 6. Oxfords, Boots, High Heels and More
    • Oxfords
      Saddle Shoes
      Boots (Laced/High Top Shoes with Tongue, Off Center Opening, Side Opening)
      High Top Botts/Shoes with Quarters, Rain Boots, Quilted Winter Boots, Cowboy Boots)
      High Heels(Fabric Covered, Painted, Variations)
      Moccasin Style Shoes (Drafting the Sloper, Basic Moccasin, Penny Loafers, Fringed Tongue, Boat Shoes)
  • 7. Fancy Footwear Finishes
    • Finishing upper edge of shoes (Trim techniques, Suggested Embellishments, Wrapping a foot in specialty threads)
      All About Eyelets/Grommets/Shoelace holes Shoelace Ideas (Lacing up the shoe, Finishing ends of shoelaces)
      Making doll accessories for scale
  • 8. Combining Techniques For Realistic Shoes
    • Adding Soles to Painted Shoes (Painted High Top Sneaker with Attached Sole, Ballet Shoes, Fantasy Shoes, Muslin shoes, Decoupage)
      Quick and Easy Shoe Ideas (Decorative ribbon shoes, Leather Glove slippers)
      Stump Foot Solutions
      Adding Trim To Painted Feet (Beaded shoes)
      Incorporating Clay (Stable high heels, Molded paperclay shoes, Molded polymer clay shoes)
      Miscellaneous Techniques (Fake stitched soles, Adhering shoes to a base, Aging Leather Shoes/Boots)
  • Appendix
    • A. Patterns for cloth doll feet
      B. Pin Doll pattern
      C. Glossary of Terms
      D. Supplier and Resources Guide

Title: Creating Fabulous Footwear for Fantastic Dolls
Author: Bonnie B. Lewis & Mary Ann Kaahanui
Publication Date: Spiralbound:1998
Publisher: A Dollmaker's Journey Publication, Springfield, VA
Page Count: 117
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 096742190X

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating There are a few basic templates in the back, but this book is mainly for creating your own footwear, just like the title says. :) The patterns you are given have seam allowances marked and the name of the pattern, but few other markings. I would have loved to have seen at least a couple of pages of photos of finished products, which also kept this rating low.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions are broken down into numbered steps, and there is a good amount of illustration to go with them. Quality of illustration isn't 100% - but the author's cover an incredible amount of ground. If they'd been any more detailed, the book would have had to be three times as long.

BONUS MECHANICS RATING:Star Rating This is that rarest of books, a book that details how to create your own patterns in thorough detail. I get to add a new "bible" to my collection.

SUMMARY- Ms. Lewis' and Kaahanui's books easily go for over $100 now - if you can find them. I was able to pick up a third printing of this book for $50 on e-bay, and I felt lucky. If you're serious about designing for dolls, this is a fantastic resource to have. Some techniques are a bit dated - she didn't know about using Sew Perfect on your needle and thread, for instance, to deal with Stitch Witch and other gummy products - but I'll be mining this book for information over and over again.