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  • Introduction
  • 1. The History of the Teddy Bear
  • 2. Styles of Bear
  • 3. Artist Bears and Bear Artists
  • 4. Materials
  • 5. Tools
  • 6. Ingredients
  • 7. Patterns
  • 8. Step-by-Step
  • 9. Problem Areas
  • 10. Final Details
  • 11. Repair and Restoration
  • 12. Final Note
  • List of Plates
  • Bibliography

Title: The Art of Making Teddy Bears
Author: Jennifer Laing
Publication Date: Trade:1993
Publisher: Sterling Pub. Co. Inc.
Page Count: 64
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 7"
ISBN: 1863510990

PATTERN RATING: Star Rating. Patterns are full-sized, with seam allowances marked, and include instructions on how to enlarge even further in order to make a wide range of sizes. There are only three patterns, going from very simple to a "character" bear that has bent elbows and knees. the bears look very sweet and cuddly. I found this book in my favorite local used book store (Reader's Corner, in Raleigh, NC) and actually bought it for the really lovely full-color plates of the artist's work that are in the center of the book. She does a surprising range of bears, and I found them very appealing. It also has a small history chapter, which I also had an interest in. She packs quite a lot into just 64 pages. There are 100's of soft toy books out there just about teddy bears, and I'm sure some of them are more comprehensive, but this is the one I happened to come across and bought. I don't as a rule have an interest in teddy bears, but I liked this book.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating. The instructions are pretty basic, and don't have a lot of illustration, so if you have no experience, these instructions won't help a lot.

BONUS MECHANICS RATING:Star Rating. She goes briefly into what proportions you're looking for when designing a bear pattern, and what to do to adjust for clothing, etc. There's also a comprehensive listing of the different types of joints that can be used that I found useful.