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  • Dolls of Antiquity
  • Early Religious Dolls and Others
  • Early English Dolls
  • Wax dolls
  • Wooden Dolls
  • Fine Old Dolls and Some Not So Old
  • Automatous, mechanical Dolls
  • Mechanical Dolls in Individual Collections
  • Talking, Singing, and Walking dolls
  • Some Unusual Dolls, and Some Doll Markings
  • Miscellaneous Doll Types, Some with Markings
  • Dolls with Interesting and Unusual Stories
  • Boy and Men Dolls
  • Large dolls
  • Dolls Are Funny As Well As Fun
  • "Uncle Sam", and Other War-Inspired Dolls
  • Additional Data on War Dolls Sent Home By Those In Service
  • Dolls As Ambassadors of Good Will

Title: Still More About Dolls
Author: Janet Pagter Johl
Publication Date: HC:1950
Publisher: H.L. Lindquist Publications, NY
Page Count: 300
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.):
ISBN: None;

SUMMARY- This is a book for doll collectors, with lots of black-and-white photos dotted throughout the book.

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