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  • Market Research and Gentle Persuasion
  • Practical Guidelines
    • Your count-down to profitable doll-making. Pricing the finished product
  • Some General Notes
    • Measurements: Making patterns
  • Sweet and Simple
    • Cradle-babes for the nursery. Rosebud, the basic doll: Moses Basket: Two more babies-Nanook and Papoose
  • To Cuddle and Hug
    • Lovable rag dolls for little children. Millie: Edward: Rebecca
  • Ready for Play
    • Touch companions for energetic youngsters. Captain Courage on parade; Cowboy Larry: Blueberry, the mischievous elf: Jamie, winter sports enthusiast
  • And now...Dolls for Everyone!
    • A simple basis for endless adaptation. The basic figure (with adaptations): Faces and features; Selecting fabrics; Trousers - Pantalettes - Pantaloons - Basic Pattern
  • A Touch of Magic
    • Everybody needs a Mascot. Gipsy Crystal Rose: Father Francis, the jovial friar: Dingleweed, the lucky gnome
  • Children of Yesterday and Today
    • Nostalgic Memories. Nanny Toogood and the Twins: Bridesmaid Posy: Alexander and Eliza-Kate
  • Packaging and Presentation
  • Where to Buy the Materials

Title: Dolls for Sale
Author: Valerie Janitch
Publication Date: TPB:1980
Publisher: Faber & Faber, London
Page Count: 79
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/4" x 6"
ISBN: 0-571-11536-5

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating There's a nice variety of dolls here(though not all the dolls on the cover are actually represented with patterns in the book!). Patterns don't have seam allowances marked on the patterns and will need to be resized, but otherwise have plenty of markings to aid the crafter.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions are broken down by body parts. There are very few illustrations to help the crafter, but the dolls are simple, so not much was really needed - still, better to have had more than was given.

SUMMARY- This book is a variation on two previous books. Same theme, but a different fun collection of her imaginative dolls. Ms. Janitch has a knack for conveying a lot character with just a little detail.