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  • Foreword
  • General Instructions
  • Instructions for all Nativity Figures
  • Joseph
  • Mary
  • The Shepherds
  • The Oriental King
  • The Coloured King
  • The White King
  • The Baby and Manger
  • The Dogs Under the Table from Matchboxes
  • Two Woolly Sparrows Sold for a Farthing
  • A Fish Pincushion
  • The Twelve Apostles
  • The Devil
  • A Cock from Plastic Drinking Straws
  • A Paper Palm Tree
  • A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing- An "All Change" Toy
  • Separating the Sheep from the Goats
  • A Fatted Calf and a Swine from Mending Wool Cards
  • Birds of the Air Have Nests- a "Pop Up" toy
  • Foxes Have Holes- An Animated Felt Picture
  • The Good Samaritan- A Panel for Acting the Story
  • An Ox from Matchboxes
  • The Daughter of Herodias as a Dancing Paper doll
  • A Sower with Seeds that Really Grow
  • A Paper and Pipe Cleaner Scorpion
  • A Hen and her Chicks
  • A Camel That Will Not Go Through the Eye of a Needle
  • The Miraculous Draft of Fishes- A Pocket Picture with a Net that Catches Felt Fish
  • A Host of Angels
  • A Centurion
  • The Patterns

Title: Making New Testament Toys
Author: Margaret Hutchings
Publication Date: HC:1972
Publisher: Mills & Boon, Ltd., London
Page Count: 96
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 9 3/4" x 7 1/2"
ISBN: 0800850785

SUMMARY- I have thought and thought about this book, and finally decided it just isn't possible to fairly rate this book's patterns. She uses a very wide mix of materials to create her projects, giving bible quotes and even making up games to go with some of the stories and projects that could be fun. I was looking forward to this book, thinking it would have her classic soft sculptures, and instead I got matchboxes and drinking straws. I've mentioned in other reviews that Ms. Hutchings' books blow either really hot or cold for me. This one was definitely cold. She mentions in her foreward that this book is more of the same as "Making Old Testament Toys." If you like this sort of project - and there is some merit here for young children's Sunday craft projects, maybe, then she covers a lot of great stories from the bible here. It just wasn't for me.