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  • Introduction
  • Chapter I: Biographical Sketch
  • Chapter II: The Mary Hoyer Doll
    • How It All Began
    • Advertising
    • Price Lists
    • Publicity
    • Fashion Shows
  • HOW-TO-SECTION- Knit & Crochet Patterns
  • Chapter III: Mary's Dollies(9 Booklets reprints)
    • Goldilocks - Princess Dress and Beret(knit(Vol. 5))
    • Julianna- Ski Suit(knit(Vol. 5))
    • Arlene- Bathing Ensemble(knit(Vol. 5))
    • Annabelle- Sport Suit(knit(Vol. 5))
    • Olga- Skating Outfit(crochet(Vol. 5))
    • Mayree- Party Frock(crochet(Vol. 5))
    • The Wavette(knit(Vol. 6))
    • Judy- Lace Party Dress(crochet(Vol. 6))
    • May-Belle- The Majorette(crochet(Vol. 6))
    • Nadine- Red Cross Nurse(knit(Vol. 6))
    • Sonja- Skiing Costume(knit(Vol. 6))
    • Lucretta- Skating Costume(crochet(Vol. 6))
    • Zorina- "Miss Victory" dressed as a Chamring Ally(crochet(Vol. 9))
    • Terry- Little "Miss Victory" and her little Mommy(crochet(Vol. 9))
    • Sunny- "Miss Victory" is Queen of the Courts(knit(Vol. 9))
    • Janie- "Miss Victory" is a Modern Cinderella(knit(Vol. 9))
    • Kathleen- "Miss Victory"(knit(Vol. 9))
    • Susanna- "Miss Victory"(crochet(Vol. 9))
    • Patsy- Coat, Hat and Bag(crochet(Vol. 10))
    • Corine- Queen of the Jungles(knit(Vol. 10))
    • Paula- Bathing Ensemble(crochet(Vol. 10))
    • Billie- Riding Habit(knit(Vol. 10))
    • Jackie- Bare Back Rider(crochet(Vol. 10))
    • Anita- Skiing Costume(knit(Vol. 11))
    • Dolores- Skating Costume(crochet(Vol. 11))
    • Lucille- Roller Skating Outfit(knit(Vol. 11))
    • The Westerner(knit(Vol. 12))
    • Peggy- Travel Costume(crochet(Vol. 12))
    • Greta- A Dutch Treat(crochet(Vol. 12))
    • Jo-Ann- Swimming Suit(knit(Vol. 12))
    • Mary Hoyer Twins, Bobby and Betty(knit(Vol. 13))
    • Nancy and Dick- The Cow Boy and Girl(knit(Vol. 13))
    • Hans and Tina- The Pond's Sweethearts(knit(Vol. 13))
    • Carol- Suit and Hat(crochet(Vol. 13))
    • Louise- Travel in the Best Circles(crochet(Vol. 14))
    • Connie- Short and Sweet(knit(Vol. 14))
    • Nan and Jack- The Ship's In(crochet/knit(Vol. 14))
    • Janette- In the Spotlight(knit(Vol. ))
    • Renee- Sun Dress and Cape(crochet(Vol. 15))
    • Isabelle- Skating Costume(knit(Vol. 15))
  • HOW-TO-SECTION- Sewing Patterns
  • Chapter IV: Original Styles by Mary Hoyer
    • Bride Dress and Veil
    • Bridesmaid Dress and Hat
    • Ballerina
    • Southern Belle
    • Alice Blue Dress and Pinafore
    • Terry Cloth Beach Robe
    • Slacks and Shirt
    • Shorts and Halter
    • Sun Bonnet Sue
    • Dolly Madison
    • Scotch Plaid Jumper and Blousette
    • Blouse and Jumper
    • McCall Printed Pattern 1564
    • McCall's Printed Pattern 1891
  • HOW-TO-SECTION- Knit & Crochet Patterns
  • Chapter V: The Best from Mary Hoyer's Juvenile Styles
    • Arlene- Hat(crochet)
    • Yoke Coat for Dolly and Her Mama(knit)
    • Lace Dress and Hat(crochet)
    • Infant's Four-Piece Set(crochet)
    • Infants Three-Piece Set(crochet)
    • Maybelle- Three-Piece Set(crochet)
    • Shoulderette- Three-Piece Infant's Set(crochet)
    • Blanket(crochet)
    • Blanket(knit)
    • Convalescing Jacket Ensemble(knit)
    • Royal Highness- Cape and Hood(knit)
    • Sailor's Sweatheart Jacket(crochet)
    • Goldilocks- Little Princess and her dolly(knit)
    • Colleen- Jerkin, Socks and Beanie(knit)
    • Slumber time "Florella" Infants Set(knit)
    • Snow Set(knit)
    • Little mama...Little Dolly Lace Baby Dresses(crochet)
    • "Love at first sight" Slip-Over and Jerkin(knit)
    • "My sister and I" Are Two-of-A-Kind(knit)
    • Teen Team- Boy's and Girl's Vests(knit)
    • Smocked Dress(knit)
    • Million Dollar Baby(knit)
    • Lace Dress and Dutch Cap(crochet)
  • Index

Title: Mary Hoyer and Her Dolls
Author: Mary Hoyer
Publication Date: HC:1982;
Publisher: Hobby House Press, Inc., Cumberland, MD
Page Count: 227
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0-87588-282-X

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating This book is a bonanza of patterns for knitters, crocheters and sewers. The sewing patterns are well marked and there's a great selection. The book is so thick though, that copying them out of the book may damage the spine.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Knitting and Crocheting instructions appear easy to read. Sewing instructions are very brief, and have no illustration to go with them to aid the sewer - so you have to know what you're doing. This is not a book for beginning crafters.

SUMMARY- All the patterns are reproductions from the 30's-50's. If you're dressing 14" dolls, this is a fantastic book to have on your shelf. It was originally published in 1982 in hardcover, with a different cover image. I have some of the original booklets, and will add them to the bottom of this page when I can get the covers scanned. This book contains all 9 volumes of "Mary's Dollies", as well as patterns originally sold as kits to dress the naked dolls. The first "Mary's Dollies", marked Vol. 5, was published in 1937! Issue No. 15 - the last - was published in 1952.

The designer has a website: - don't know if it is still active. Their event page doesn't have any date for the event, and the copyright notice at the bottom of the pages is for 2010, so I presume it hasn't been updated for years.

Anyone with more information can contact me through My Contact Page.