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  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Materials and Techniques
  • Chapter 2: The Small Rag Doll
    • The Gypsy Rag Doll
    • The Clown Rag Doll
    • The Bridesmaid Rag Doll
    • The Footballer Rag Doll
    • The Guardsman Rag Doll
    • The Flower Fairy Rag Doll
    • The Hansel and Gretel Rag Dolls
  • Chapter 3: The Medium Rag Doll
    • The Bride Rag Doll
    • The Prince Charming Rag Doll
    • The Sultan Rag Doll
    • Teh Arabian Princess Rag Doll
    • The Victorian Bather Rag Doll
    • The Medieval Rag Doll
  • Chapter 4: The Large Rag Doll
    • The Traditional Rag Doll
    • The Little Miss Muffet Rag Doll
  • Chapter 5: The Topsy-Turvy Rag Doll
    • The Cinderella Rag Doll
    • The Sleeping Beauty Rag Doll
  • Chapter 6: The Child-Sized Rag Doll
    • The Snow Child Rag Doll
  • Index

Title: Rag Dolls
Author: Averina Hontoir
Publication Date: HC:2000
Publisher: Crowood Press Ltd., Wiltshire(UK)
Page Count: 128
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/4" x 8 3/4"
ISBN: 1861262477

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating The rag doll patterns are very basic, with at most mitten hands. The child-sized Rag Doll has a gussetted head. The patterns are all full-size, and the book itself is beautifully constructed in order to lie flat open at any page. If only all craft books used this style. The clothing patterns are engaging and there is a great variety. While the grainline is marked on the patterns, the seam allowances are not. Grrr. There are plenty of other markings, though, to aid the crafter. The photos are good and in color, showing off the finished doll to advantage.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions are not broken down very well, but are still fairly simple to follow. There is some illustration to help the crafter, but there should have been more.

SUMMARY- This is a pretty solid book for rag dolls.