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  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. Introduction: Why Dolls?
    • Dolls of Many Purposes
      Dolls and Their Makers
      Organizing This Book
  • 2. Materials and Basic Techniques
    • Materials
      Working with Fabrics
      Embroidering Features
      The Stuffed Doll
      Needle-Sculpted Faces
      Making Pressed Fabric Faces
      The Wire-Frame Doll
      Working with Wood
      Carving Wood
      Wood Turning
      Working with Clay, Wax, and Other Molded Substances
      Working with Paper
  • 3. Dolls of Africa and the Near East
    • Dolls of Black Africa
      Sisal Rope Doll from Kenya
      Beaded Doll
      Making a Zulu Doll
      Dolls of Arab Countries
      Israeli Dolls
  • 4. Dolls of Asia and the Pacific
    • Dolls of India
      East Indian Stick Dolls
      Dolls of China
      The Immortals
      Chinese Satin Clinging Dolls
      Dolls of Southeast Asia
      Japanese Dolls and Dollmaking
      Kami Ningyo
      Making a Kami Ningyo
      Hina Matsuri
      Making Kokeshi
      Dolls of Oceania
  • 5. Dolls of Europe
    • Crib Dolls
      Paper Dolls
      Regional and Historical Dolls
      Bobbin Dolls
      Corn Dollies
      Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
      The Dutch Dolls
      Prune Doll
      Scandinavian Wooden Dolls
      Wooden Turned Dolls
      Costume Dolls of Scandinavia
      Norwegian Kitchen Witch
      Polish Dolls
      Dolls of Eastern Europe
      The Dolls of Russia
      Nesting Matryoshkas
      Dymkovo Clay Dolls
      Russian Moss Men
  • 6. Dolls of Latin America
    • Mexican Dolls
      Dolls of the Dead
      Zapotec Feather Dancer
      Mexican "Seed Baptism" Dolls
      Uchus and Reverse Appliqué
      The Dolls of Ecuador
      Ecuadorian Bread Dough
      Peruvian Dolls
      Chain-Stitch Doll of Peru
      Other South American Dolls
      Dolls of the Caribbean Islands
      Grenada Stump Doll
  • 7. Dolls of North America
    • American Indian Dolls
      Seminole Palmetto and Patchwork Dolls
      Choctaw Appliqué
      The Supernatural Beings
      The Dancers
      The Dolls
      Making Kachinas
      Eskimo Dolls
      Regional and Historical Dolls
      Cornhusk Dolls
      Corncob Dolls
      Applehead Dolls
      Materials and Equipment
      Clothespin Dolls
      Beanhead Dolls
      Limber Jim(Jigger)
      Two-Headed Dolls
      Contemporary Dolls of the United States
      Dolls of Canada
  • Bibliography
  • Periodicals
  • Supply Sources
  • Doll Sources
  • Index

Title: The How-To Book of International Dolls: A Comprehensive Guide to Making, Costuming, and Collecting Dolls
Author: Loretta Holz
Publication Date: HC:1980
Publisher: Crown Publishers, Inc., NY
Page Count: 344
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 3/4"
ISBN: 0517530538

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating Patterns are verrry basic, and often simply described(like "take a square of satin fabric").

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating For every doll that you get instructions for, there is a good amount of (black/white)pictorial illustration. Written instructions are pretty basic, though, so if you don't already have a good working knowledge of sewing and crafting, you may get stuck. I still think this is a fantastic resource.

BONUS MECHANICS RATING:Star Rating This book gets a bonus star for its excellent coverage of so many different techniques and materials.

SUMMARY- There are 900 photos in this book of an amazing variety of dolls from all over the world. They alone were worth the price of admission. If you are looking for inspiration or alternative materials and methods, this is a great book to have. The author admits that in order to cover every type of doll in the world, this would have to be a several volume set - but she does an incredible job in the slim 344 pages she has available to her. I strongly recommend this book for anyone with a broadspectrum fascination for dolls. You won't be disappointed.