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  • Introduction
  • The Doll Lady
  • Reflections of Our Heritage
  • Heritage Dolls:
    • Stump Doll
      Wood Penny Doll
      Step Dancing Doll
      Iroquois Doll
      Two Old Rag Dolls
      Old couple in Rocking Chair
      Sugar Bag Rag Doll
      Tsimsyan West Coast Indian Doll
      Inuit Dolls from the Eastern Arctic
      Inuit Dolls from the Western Arctic
      Dolls from the Ukraine
      Japanese cloth Doll
      Caribbean Doll
  • Dolls from Stories and Legends:
    • Anne of Green Gables Doll
      Raggedy Ann Doll
      Evangeline Dolls
      Little Red Riding Hood, and Grandmother, and the Wolf
      Tea Doll
      John Glasier's Woodsmen Dolls
  • Dolls from Different Materials:
    • Cloth Cut-out Dolls
      China Head Doll
      Wax Doll made for Queen Victoria
      Celluloid Doll
      Chinese Pincushion Dolls
      Worry Dolls
      Bedroom or Boudoir Doll
      Russian Matroshka Dolls
  • Dolls by Artists:
    • Dolls by John Halfyard
      Dolls by Betsy Howard
      Shelly Fowler's Pedlar Doll
      Dolls from Line Desjardins
      Eaton Beauty Doll
      Dolls of Wendy Gibbs
      Elizabeth Nind and Applecraft
  • Instructions for Making them:
    • 1. Rolled Rag Dolls
      2. Dolls made from cardboard tubes
      3. Apple Claus Dolls
      4. Gumdrop Dolls
      5. Baked Dough Dolls
      6. Plastic Bottle and Sock Dolls
      7. Clothespeg Dolls: Sewing Terms, Guide to Sewing
      8. Clothespeg Dolls- Advanced : Mulicultural Clothespeg Dolls/> 9. Kitchen Witch
      10. A Broom doll
      11. Dolls built around a wire frame
      12. Apple Head dolls
      13. The soft Sculpture Dolls
      14. Corn Husk Dolls
      15. Pop Up Puppet Dolls
      16. The Jumping Jack or Dancing Dan Dolls
      17. How to make you First Rag doll
      Doll and Photograph Credits

Title: Dolls in Canada: Reflections or our heritage, Instructions for making them
Author: Marion E. Hislop
Publication Date: TPB:1981
Publisher: Dundurn Press, Toronto, ONT
Page Count: 127
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0919670555

SUMMARY- There's only one pattern in this book (for a very rudimentary ragdoll), and the instructions are one page simple tutorials. You get a black and white picture giving an example of the doll with the instructions. The instructions take up more than half the book, but it's the first half of the book that is the most interesting. I enjoyed looking at all the dolls made in different eras an materials.