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  • Introduction:
    Alphabet: Novelty
  • Chapter One: About Lettering
    • Project: Cloud Cross-stitch
    • Alphabet: Helvetica Bold
  • Chapter Two: Sewing Stuff You'll Need
    • Project: Patchwork "Making-Art" Shirt
    • Alphabet: Comic Clip
  • Chapter Three: ABC Quilts
    • Alphabet: Palatino
    • Project: ABC Animal Quilt
  • Chapter Four: Banners and Badges
    • Alphabet: Old English
    • Project: "Welcome" Banner
  • Chapter Five: The Amazing Sewing Machine
    • Project: Mittens
    • Project: Quick-and-Easy Gift Bag
    • Project: Alphabet Sampler Purse
    • Project: Zodiac Emblem Vest
    • Project: Embroidered Garden Tote
    • Alphabet: Chancery Zapf
  • Chapter Six: Monograms
    • Alphabet: Bankenscript
    • Project: Monogrammed Towels
    • Alphabet: Circle Block
    • Alphabet: Diamond Block
  • Chapter Seven: Labels By Hand and Machine
    • Project: Machine-Sewin Labels
    • Alphabet: Label Typeface
  • Chapter Eight: Hand Lettering With Your Sewing Machine
    • Project: Mom's Glasses Case
    • Alphabet: Free-Motion Cursive
    • Project: Gift Album
  • Chapter Nine: Graphing Letters
    • Alphabet: Minimum Graphed Block
    • Project: ABC Knit Coverlet
    • Project: Snug-as-a-Bug Coverlet
    • Alphabet: Graphed Block
  • Chapter Ten: Designing Type Styles
    • Alphabet: Patch
    • Project: Patchwork Tote Bag
    • Project: ABC Objects Quilt
    • Alphabet: ABC Objects
  • Chapter Eleven: Using Words and Numbers
    • Project: Mother Goose Quilt
    • Project: Grow Chart
    • Alphabet: Bookman
  • Chapter Twelve: Three-Dimensional Lettering
    • Project: Cowboy Boot Christmas Stocking
    • Alphabet: Graffiti
    • Project: 3D ABC Letters
    • Alphabet: Tuba
  • Sources
  • Index

Title: Alphabet Stitchery: By Hand & Machine
Author: Carolyn Vosburg Hall
Publication Date: TPB:1995
Publisher: Chilton Book Company, Radnor, PA
Page Count: 162
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0801985277

BONUS MECHANICS RATING:Star Rating You not only get a wide variety of alphabet styles, but a lesson in how to create your own. This is yet another top shelf craft book put out by Chilton(who also published Colette Wolff's "Manipulating Fabric").

SUMMARY- There are no soft toy or doll patterns in this book - and I don't care. You always know you're going to get something amazing from Carolyn Vosburg Hall or the Chilton Book Company's old craft line - put them together and "WOW!" If you've read any other review of Mrs. Hall's books by me you know that I'm a huge fan - hence the addition of all her non-toy/soft sculpture books! Mrs. Hall's work is worth finding no matter what she does.