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  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • General Instructions
  • Materials required
  • Making a basic cone doll
  • Making a male doll with legs
  • Making a femaile doll with legs
  • Making dolls with needle-modelled faces and hands
  • American Indian costume: Blackfoot
  • Mexican costume: Tehuantepec
  • Sicilian costume: Taormina
  • Japanese costume
  • Indian costume
  • Spanish costume: Andalucia
  • New Zealand Maori costume
  • French costume: Alsace
  • Lapland costume
  • Welsh costume
  • American cowboy costume
  • German costume: Black Forest
  • Scottish fishwife costume: Newhaven and Fisherrow
  • London pearly queen costume
  • London pearly king costume
  • Netherlands mother costume: Volendam
  • Netherlands fisherman costume: Volendam
  • Netherlands child costume: Volendam
  • Bibliography

Title: Dolls in National and Folk Costume
Author: Jean Greenhowe
Publication Date: HC:1978
Publisher: C.T. Branford Co., Newton Center, MASS
Page Count: 112
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 7 1/2"
ISBN: 0823130339

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating Seam allowances are included in the full-size pattern pieces - but not marked on the pattern pieces themselves - or mentioned in the instructions for that pattern either. If you don't read the General Instructions, you won't know. Pattern pieces also lack a grainline indicator, but are otherwise well marked. The variety and quality of the finished dolls is fantastic. You get front AND back shots of the finished dolls as well. Most of the photos are black-and-white, but you do get a few really wonderful color plates.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating The general doll patterns are illustrated but not broken down very well - it would be easy to lose your place and have to hunt where you left off. For someone as interrupt-driven as I am, that can be fairly annoying. The costume instructions are broken down by costume piece and not typically illustrated.

SUMMARY- All the clothes patterns and dolls are for 11" size - so you could probably easily adapt the costume patterns for your fashion dolls as well. The ratings are average to low, but if you're an experienced seamstress, don't let that stop you from finding this book. The costuming details are WONDERFUL! And the bibliography is great. I was extremely happy to get this book.

The designer has a website: where she has original knit patterns for sale and also has some free patterns available for download.

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