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  • Preface
  • Materials and techniques:
  • Toys from simple shapes:
    Oswald the Owl
    The Pussy Cat
    Friendly Dog
    Bucktooth the Rabbit
    Gremlin, and Twitch the Rat
  • Variations on a theme:
    Alphonse the Mouse
    McHamish the long-nosed Bear
    Flowergirl and Joey
    Bertie the Dinosaur
  • Long-legged toys:
    Jeremiah the Monkey
    Hengist the Toad
    Legs the Spider
  • Two toys without relatives:
    Leopold the Lion
    Gertie the Camel
  • The Turnipheads:
    a collection of nightdress cases
    : Tourist Sam
    Farmer Hayseed
    Angus from Aberdeen
    The Sundowner, a cowboy
    Sergeant Gruff
    Nautical Bill, and Inscrutable Wong
  • Footrests:
    The pouffe
    The loose cover
    William the Pug
    Mr. Bacon the Pig
    Espionage the Cat
    Prickles the porcupine
    Samson the elephant
  • Draught excluders:
    The Sausage
    The animals
    Dockleaf the caterpillar
    Fred the Basset Hound
    Limpopo the Crocodile
    The Crook-tail Cat
    Don Pedro the Rabbit

Title: The Stick It Stitch It and Stuff It Toybook
Author: Penelope Frith
Publication Date: HC:1975
Publisher: M. Evans & Co., Inc., NY
Page Count: 102
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 7"
ISBN: 087131178X

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating The patterns are of very stylized shapes- and various groups of toys can use pattern pieces interchangeably, i.e., take your generic toy, stick long ears on it for a rabbit, or flop ears for a dog, etc. The pattern pieces given are gridded when they need to be enlarged to help the crafter. Pattern pieces have few to no markings.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating The instructions are broken down by body part, and have good illustrations to go with them.

SUMMARY- There are some interesting "retro" toy shapes here, and you can definitely tell the vintage of this book by the "funky" fabrics the designer used to show off her toys!