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  • Introduction
  • Gifts for Children
    • Animal Cozies
    • Peanut Surprises
    • Teddy Bear Boutique:
      Hungry-As-A-Bear Bib
      Bear and cub Wash Mitts
      Tiny Teddy Purse and Teddy Bearettes
      Teddy Tote
    • Pocket Toy Aprons
    • Zebra Toys and Ornaments
    • The Cupcake Bake Shop
    • Rainbow Quilt
  • Stitchery for the Home
    • Proud Lion Pincushion
    • Old Homestead Accessories:
      Small Square House Potholder
      Smal Square House Pillow
      Rectangular House Pillow
      Rectangular House Place Mat
      Large Square House Pillow
      Large Square House Tote
    • Piglet Place Mats and Potholder
    • Parquetry Potholders
    • Patched Heart Aprons
  • Christmas Presents
    • I-Love-Santa Stocking
    • Heart-Topped Stockings
    • Christmas Heart Ornaments
    • Ruffle Wreaths
  • Basic Sewing Supplies, Tools, and Techniques
    • Supplies & Tools
    • Sewing Techniques
    • Embroidery Stitches
  • Index

Title: Scrap Savers' Gift Stitchery Book
Author: Sandra Lounsbury Foose
Publication Date: HC:1984
Publisher: Sedgewood Press, NY
Page Count: 168
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0024966800

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating There is a very wide variety of patterns here that are both creative and colorful. The patterns that aren't full-size have been gridded to help the crafter. She does not mark seam allowances or grainlines on her patterns, but there are other placement markings that are helpful. The vast majority of patterns are either pancake style or applique with two exceptions. She does a great looking patchwork zebra and the peanut bag. She pays a lot of attention to the details on her patterns and has a dab hand in that regard.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Ms. Foose assumes you have lots of sewing experience, and this reflects in her instructions. They are broken down into numbered steps, but there is very little illustration to go with them.

SUMMARY- I probably gave her one more star for patterns than I should technically, but this is better than an average book, and I really couldn't justify giving her an average rating on instructions. She assumes an awful lot of sewing experience on her reader's part, and I'm supposed to be judging whether her instructions are crafter friendly. This isn't the first of her books I've picked up(it's the third) and I'm just as happy with this one as I was the first two I picked up. I'm determined to find the other two to complete the set. They are well worth the price of admission.