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  • I: Ancestors of the Modern Doll
  • II: On Collecting Dolls
  • III: Early Toy Dolls
  • IV: Dolls of the Nineteenth Century
  • V: More About Mechanical Dolls
  • VI: China-Headed Dolls and Their Marks
  • VII: Bisque-Headed Dolls and Their Marks
  • VII: More About French Dolls
  • IX: Fine German Bisque Dolls
  • X: More About Parian Type Dolls
  • XI: Dolls of Papier mache, Composition, and Plastic
  • XII: Oriental Dolls
  • XIII: Hand-made Dolls
  • XIV: American Portrait Doll Artists
  • XV: The Christmas Crib
  • XVI: The Cloth Doll
  • XVII: Wooden Dolls
  • XVIII: The Wax Doll
  • XIX: Metal Dolls
  • XX: Leathe rdolls
  • XXI: Rubber Dolls
  • XXII: Celluloid Dolls
  • XXIII: Old Paper Dolls
  • XXIV: Early Doll Carriages
  • XXV: Puppets and How They Are Made
  • XXVI: Exhibiting Dolls for Fun and Profit
  • XXVII: Restoring the Old Doll
  • List of Collectors' Dolls Patented in America
  • List of Doll Museums in America
  • Bibliography
  • Puppets and marionettes
  • Music Composed for Dolls
  • Index

Title: Dolls, A New Guide for Collectors
Author: Clara Hallard Fawcett
Publication Date: HC:1964
Publisher: Charles T Branford Co., Boston, MA
Page Count: 282
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 9 1/4" x 6 1/4"
ISBN: None

SUMMARY- Black-and-white photography throughout and lots of line illustrations. This isn't what I would call a gallery book, so if you're looking for big photos of lots of examples of a type of doll, you won't get that here - but still lots of interesting information and an enjoyable read. If you don't know anything about dolls, this book will give you the general outlines circa 1964.

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