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  • 1. A Simple Doll for a Small Child- the Rag Doll
  • 2. Cloth Dolls for Collectors
  • 3. On Carving and Modeling Dolls
  • 4. On Mending Dolls, Old and New
  • 5. The Story of Alice and Mabel, or the Restoration of a Parian Bisque Doll
  • 6. The Story of Private Robert Edward Ball or the Restoration of a China Doll
  • 7. Suggestions for Nineteenth Century Doll costumes
  • 8. Children's Clothes in the Nineteenth Century
  • 9. On Dressing the "period" Doll
  • 10. On making Dolls to Represent America's First Ladies
  • 11. Shoes
  • 12. Some Rare Old Dolls
  • 13. Reproduction Dolls
  • Index

Title: On Making Mending and Dressing Dolls
Author: Clara Hallard Fawcett
Publication Date: HC:1949
Publisher: H.L. Linquist Publications, NY
Page Count: 170
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/4" x 7"
ISBN: None

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating You get a couple of rag doll patterns in the first chapter, with a few clothing patterns - but the patterns are printed so small that enlarging them would be difficult, and a photocopier would simply distort them into unusability. She gives you lots of nice illustrations of period fashions later in the book(but no patterns to go with them).

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions are not broken down and have little illustration to go with, them, other than of the sock doll, and showing the damage done to the various dolls that you get the story of their repair.

SUMMARY- She has a dab hand for illustration, and her narrative is engaging, but I wanted a more formal "How To" book, with patterns that could be used. And as for the mending - more illustration and broken down instruction on how to go about it.

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