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  • Teddy Bears- Their Place in History
  • Bear Necessities
  • Cuddly Bear
  • Olaf and Ollie
  • Sweetheart Bear
  • Panda Bear
  • Brown Bear
  • Petie Polar Bear
  • Max
  • Corduroy Bear
  • Treasure Bear
  • Best Friend Bear
  • Bear Scarf and Mittens
  • Bear Purse
  • Bear Cushion
  • Bear Hanger
  • Cross-stitched Hat Rack
  • Scarf and Muffler Set
  • Bear Backpack
  • Bear Rug
  • Boris Bear
  • Bibliography
  • Index

Title: The Bear Book: How to make Teddy Bears & A Few Close Friends
Author: Diana Deakin
Publication Date: HC:1990
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Co., Inc., NY
Page Count: 112
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/4" x 8 3/4"
ISBN: 8806958200

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating There is a great variety of patterns here, with seam allowances and markings to aid the seamstress. I have two complaints- 1) Pattern pieces cross into the ditch so it's impossible to get an unwarped photocopy, and difficult to even trace and piece together a complete pattern piece. This is really unforgivable. 2)She doesn't put the pattern name on the pattern pieces! If you don't think to do it yourself while your tracing/photocopying, you'll wonder down the road where the heck it came from... If it weren't for these two complaints(one major, one minor), this book would easily have gotten 4 stars.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Miss Deakin wrote and photo-illustrated a first-rate general-purpose instruction chapter at the beginning that shows in really excellent detail how to put together a jointed bear. The only reason she doesn't get all five stars is because she was a lot more skimpy with her instructions for the great looking bear-themed projects in the back of the book.

SUMMARY- I was really pleased to have gotten this book, but annoyed at the noted lapses. This could have been five stars across the board so easily - the talent is obviously there.