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  • Introduction
  • 1. The Bear Basics
  • 2. Meet the Bears
  • 3. Teddy's Tailor
  • 4. Dressed for the Holidays
  • 5. A Teddy Bear Christmas
  • 6. Bear Gifts and What Nots
  • 7. Furnishings: The Bear Minimum
  • 8. A Teddy Bear Birthday Party
  • 9. Bear Crafts for Kids
  • Sources
  • Bibliography

Title: Easy-to-Make TeddyBears & All the Trimmings
Author: Jodie Davis
Publication Date: TPB:1988
Publisher: Williamson Publishing Co., Charlotte, VT
Page Count: 205
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0-913589-40-3

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating. Patterns are full-sized, and you get both jointed and unjointed patterns. The bears are fairly generic but solid design, with quite a few nice clothing patterns to use

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating. Ms. Davis' instructions are broken down into numbered steps and heavily illustrated. They are easy to follow and top-notch as always.

SUMMARY- If you are looking for a solid beginner's book for Teddy Bears this is a good place to start. Jodie Davis has a great line of craft books I'm very surprised haven't stayed in print since despite being 20 years old, they don't feel in the least dated.

Ms. Davis also published a series of Teddy Bear patterns and craft projects in Teddy Bear & Friends Magazine from Jul/Aug. 1988-Sept/Oct. 1992, if you are a fan of her work. (She may have started publishing a little earlier than the Jul/Aug date - I do not have a complete run of the earlier issues yet, but you can make a list of the issues she's in from the magazine bib on this site!)