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  • 1. The Basics: Making Cloth Dolls & Their Clothes
  • 2. Character 18-inch Dolls: Clown, Elf, Santa, Scarecrow, Raggedy Ann & Raggedy Andy, Prudence A Rag Doll, Fancy "Dress-Up" Lady
  • 3. Cotton 20-inch Baby Doll & Wardrobe: To Make the Doll, Romper & T-shirt, Ruffled Dress & Panties, Christening Gown, Cap & Panties
  • 4. Boy & girl 25-inch Doll & Wardrobe: To Make the Dolls, Dress With Pantaloons & Petticoat, Girl's Sailor Suit, Lacy Flannel Nightie & Bunny Slippers, Doll's Doll, boy's Suspenders, Pants & Shirt, Boy's Sailor Suit, Flannel Nightshirt & Teddy Bear Slippers, Doll's Teddy Bear, Dolls' Shoes
  • 5. Dolls Around the World: To Make the Dolls, Country Boy & Girl Dolls, Traditional African Doll, Amish Boy & Girl Dolls(with Sunshine & Shadow Quilt), Japanese Kimono Doll, Traditional Chinese Doll, Scandinavian Doll, Pilgrim Man & Woman, Victorian Lady, Native American Indian Brave & Squaw
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Title: Easy-to-Make Cloth Dolls and All the Trimmings
Author: Jodie Davis
Publication Date: TPB:1990
Publisher: Williamson Publishing, Charlotte, VT
Page Count: 220
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0-913589-53-5

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating. There is a huge variety of patterns to choose from. They are all pretty simple construction - the hands are mittens top-stitched to form fingers, for example. Seam allowances are not marked on the pattern pieces, and there aren't a lot of markings to help the crafter.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating. Jodie does her usual fantastic job of laying out her sewing instructions, with plenty of illustration to demonstrate the steps.

SUMMARY- This is a great resource for basic ragdolls and their clothing. I would recommend it.