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  • Introduction
  • The Basics
  • Kids' Favorites
    • Brontosaurs, Triceratops, Unicorn/Horse, Penguin, Lamb
  • For the Kid In Us All
    • Rooster, Bat, Cow, Jointed Bunny
  • Standing Animal Dolls & Reclinging Animals
    • Kitty, Lamb, Fox, Dog, Teddy Bear, Bunny, Mouse, Lion, Cow, Fawn/Rudolph, Piggy, Elephant, Horse/Unicorn
  • Instructions for Animal Dolls
  • General Instructions for Reclining Animals
  • Animal Doll Clothing
  • Bibliography
  • Sources

Title: Easy-to-make Stuffed Animals and All the Trimmings
Author: Jodie Davis
Publication Date: Trade:1992
Publisher: Williamson Publishing Co.
Page Count: 203
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 091358956X

PATTERN RATING: Star Rating. The patterns are full-sized and only need to be copied out of the book. They are well marked, even putting sewing instructions on the pattern itself to guide the sewer. The only negative - and this isn't a pet peeve of everyone - is that the seam guide isn't marked on the pattern pieces, or stated what it should be except in the book instructions themselves. Experience has taught me that the patterns and book are usually in separate places by the time I'm done, and if I want to use the pattern again, I have to go and hunt down which book it came from to make sure the seam allowances are standard (If you're more clever than when I started out, you'll write the book it came from on the pattern pieces...and the seam allowance). I firmly believe stating the seam allowance on the pattern is a basic necessity - especially if I'm blowing the pattern up to a larger size on a photocopier. If the seam allowance is already marked, I can just trim back down to it without the by guess and by golly of figuring it out after the fact.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating. The instructions are fantastic, especially for beginning crafters who may be a little unsure of themselves. The projects are evenly divided into two groups for rank beginners and people with a little more experience. Miss Davis gives excellent advice and little tips like the use of fray check that experienced crafters may not think to mention. The projects are engaging and there are often two versions of the same animal (one anthropomorphized/ one not) to suit people's tastes. That impressed me. her writing is clear and her illustrations are easy to follow. Miss Davis crafts first-rate how-to books. The book is aptly named.

SUMMARY- This book is aimed directly at people who wish to make the projects she's laid out for them, and it does that superbly well. She goes into surprising little tidbits like putting voice boxes in the toy and provides a resource guide in the back where they can be found that is out of date by now, but may provide a starting point.