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  • Introduction
  • General Instructions
  • Fish, Dachshund, Lion, Hippopotamus, Otter, Giraffe, Penguin, Hedgehog, Hobby horse, Owl, Highland Cow, Hen, Horse
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Title: Soft Toys
Author: Delphine Davidson
Publication Date: Hardcover:1971
Publisher: BT Batsford Ltd., London
Page Count: 80
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 8 1/2" x 6"
ISBN: 0713426519

PATTERN RATING: Star Rating. Patterns are given on grids for enlarging purposes and have an absolute minimum of markings to guide the crafter. They have a minimalist approach and are quite cartoony (if that's an adjective) - so cartoony, in fact, that not a single photograph is provided of any of the toys, just drawings. I've got to wonder why that particular decision was made, as I'd think photographs would be easier than hiring an artist. There are three different giant toys suitable for 'riding' by small children that could be fun, but you'd have to add your own details to make them really work and give them some personality.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating. The patterns are so simple as to not need a lot of instructions, which is a good thing, since the instructions given are pretty spare.

SUMMARY- There's nothing here to recommend itself. This is her second book, but the first I'd seen, which made me curious how she managed to get a second book in print. Yes, I'm being very mean here, but this was the first soft toy book I've ever run across that never actually shows you the toys!