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  • Introduction
  • Part I: Sock Doll Stories
  • Part II: Sock Doll Sewing Projects
  • Basic Projects:
    • Wise Owl
    • Dinosock
    • Big Frog
    • Happy Monkey
    • Miss Mini
    • Baby Bunny
  • Advanced Projects:
    • Mrs. Honey
    • Penny Penguin
    • Peeking Squirrel
    • Cheshire Cat
    • Striped Elephant
    • Zen Tiger
    • Best Friends Sheep Dog
    • Dragon
  • Sock Doll Gallery

Title: Stray Sock Sewing, Too: More Super-Cute Sock Softies to Make and Love
Author: Daniel
Publication Date: TPB:2008
Publisher: North Light Books, Cincinnati, OH
Page Count: 144
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10" x 8"
ISBN: 9781600619076

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions are very well broken down, with photos to help guide the crafter through the process - I really don't think you can get better than that.

BONUS MECHANICS RATING:Star Rating Daniel gets a bonus star - he encourages creating your own creatures and points out in a lot of ways how to do so.

SUMMARY- More of the same from the same book but even better! Half the book is Daniel playing with his creatures - posing them for photos and imagining what they'd say. It's fun and engaging and I think helps put the crafter in the right frame of mind for the fearlessness necessary to make sock dolls. Daniel gets a lot of personality into his dolls. This group is even better than the last - clearly he's growing as an artist. I can't wait to see his next book. I especially like the cheshire cat, the striped elephant and the dragon. I highly recommend this book if you're at all interested in making sock dolls that look like something.

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