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  • Topsy Turvy Dolls:
    • Little Red Riding Hood(Julie Stephani)
    • Happy/Sad Sock Doll(Julie Stephani)
  • Playmates:
    • Sweet Betsy Blue Eyes(Julie Stephani)
    • Waltzing Matilda and Dancing Dan(Trish Randall)
  • Sock Dolls:
    • The Three Bears(Julie Stephani)
    • Sockimals(Julie Stephani)
    • Sock Bunny(Julie Stephani)
  • Brides:
    • A Fashion Doll Bride(Patti Anderson,crochet)
    • Victorian Bride and Bridesmaids(Jane Dillon)
  • Holiday Favorites:
    • Soft Sculptured Panda Bears(Julie Stephani)
    • Crochet Lass and Laddie(Leta Anne Nolan)
    • Jelly Bean Bag Bunnies(Julie Stephani, Susi Kruger)
    • Ulysses S. Bear(Carole Rodgers)
    • Horrific Homer, The Pumpkin Man(Lynn Patten)
    • Pete and Priscilla Pilgrim Sock Dolls(Dora Webb)
    • Squeezable Santa Dolls(Phyllis Barrier)
  • Victorian Dolls:
    • Penelope Rose(elinor peace bailey)
    • Miss Victoria(Julie Stephani)
  • For Men Only:
    • Gone Fishin'(elinor peace bailey)
  • Small Dolls:
    • Primitive Country Dolls(Martie Sandell)
    • Sprightly Ribbon Dolls(elinor peace bailey)
    • Fabric Paper doll(Martie Sandell)
  • Crochet Pals:
    • Adorable Dressable Dolls(Peggy Shackelford)
  • BONUS! Stuffing tips

Title: Dozens of Dolls to Make & Love
Author: Editors of "Crafts" Magazine
Publication Date: TPB: 1992
Publisher: PJS Publications Inc.,
Page Count: 64
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0-9621148-8-X

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating Patterns are full size, well marked and you get a really great variety with loads of personality in each project. I really don't think you can do better than that.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions are fairly well broken down, but don't have a lot of illustration to go with them - they packed quite a few projects into 64 pages, so there is good reason.

SUMMARY- I've added the designers of each project in parentheses after the title in the Table of Contents. I don't know whether these projects are reprints from the magazine or not, I'm ashamed to say. Clearly I've overlooked a great magazine, judging by this offering, and will need to remedy that forthwith. I'm always happy to see elinor peace bailey's work, and everyone else represented here keep her good company. If you're looking for a nice variety of projects, this is a great little book to have.

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