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  • Contributors
  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Classic Bears
    • (10in)Jamie Bear(Joyce Luckin)
      (14in)Benjamin Bear(Joyce Luckin)
      Benjamin's Rambler Outfit(Joyce Luckin)
      Benjamin's Artist Outfit(Joyce Luckin)
      Benjamin's Chef Outfit(Joyce Luckin)
      Bedtime Benjamin(Joyce Luckin)
  • Woolly Bears
    • Greedy Bear (Linda O'Brien)
      Family Bears(Linda O'Brien)
      Swinging Bear(Linda O'Brien)
      Teddy Mittens(Linda O'Brien)
      Teddy Egg-cosy(Joyce Luckin)
  • Bears to Cook
    • Tea Party Cake (Jacqui Hine)
      Bear Family Biscuits(Jacqui Hine)
      Chocolate Teddies(Jacqui Hine)
      Marzipan Bears(Jacqui Hine)
      Christening Plaques(Jacqui Hine)
      Bears to Bake(Simon Lycett, Bridget Jones)
  • Bears to Sew
    • Teatime Traycloth (Joyce Luckin)
      Honey Pot Cover(Joyce Luckin)
      Teddy Motifs(Joyce Luckin)
      Padded Teddy Suit(Sue Chappell, Vivienne Hall, Anne Heathcote, Anita Jackson)
      Teddy Bear Sampler(Valerie Tyler)
      Moneybags Bear(Joyce Luckin)
      Beehive Tea-cosy(Joyce Luckin)
      Pyjama Case(Joyce Luckin)
  • Bears in Paper, Card and Wood
    • Child's Brooch (Patricia de Menezes)
      Card Toys(Patricia de Menezes)
      Bear Up a Stick(Patricia de Menezes)
      Teddies in Print(Petronella Rasmussen)
      Teddy Bookmark(Petronella Rasmussen)
      Sky-Diving Bears Mobile(Petronella Rasmussen)
      Teddy's Adventure Cards(Petronella Rasmussen)
      Pop-up Birthday Teddy(Petronella Rasmussen)
      Teddy's Train(Sergio Ransford)
  • Acknowledgements

Title: The Teddy Bear Craft Book
Author: Forward by Gyles Brandreth, Edited by Sandy Ransford
Publication Date: HC:1993
Publisher: Books UK Ltd., London
Page Count: 111
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 9 3/4" x 9 1/4"
ISBN: 1871612152

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating Patterns all need to be enlarged, but are gridded to aid the crafter. They do have some useful markings, though not the seam allowance or the name of the pattern(there isn't room!). The projects look great made up and you get some pretty good full page photos for reference.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions are broken down into numbered steps and there is some illustration to go with them, though not as much as I'd like. If you don't already know what you're doing, you could get stuck.

SUMMARY- Mr. Brandreth is the owner/curator of the National Teddy Bear Museum in Stratford-upon-Avon. The book is listed under his name because it is on the cover of the book rather than the editor's, and I couldn't exactly list it under the names of all the designers who contributed to this book without driving myself nuts. This book collects a wide and interesting range of Teddy Bear themed projects from a diverse crowd of designers. I've put the designer's names in parentheses with the projects they designed, but they weren't actually in the Table of Contents, but a separate credits page. There are only two stuffed teddy patterns, but both are adorable. The Bears to Cook section is what held my attention most. It would take some skill and practice to make many of the cooking projects, but wow do they look great. I was pleased to add this book to my collection.