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  • Hare Bear(pattern for 23" bear and bunny suit)
    Design by Linda Mead
  • A Teddy Bear Picnic:
    (16" Professor Vanbear pattern)
    Design by Margaret Sindelar
    (18" Chester and chelsea bear pattern)
    by Rebecca Anderson
    (20" Biscuits the Bear pattern)
    by Shery Sebald
    (20" Knitted Bubba Bear pattern)
    by Jude Martin
  • Rosemary and Paul Volpp: True Collectors
    by Sharon Haven
  • Dressed-up Bears:
    9" Lizzy Baby Bear and Clothes Bear by Linda Mead, clothes by Barb Hickey
    12" Betty and Ernie Bear Twins
    by Barb Hickey
    Masquerade Bears
    Bear by Donna Martin, Costumes by Phyllis Dunstan
    18" Knitted Babushka Bear
    by Susan Douglas
  • Teddy Tabitha(paper doll)
    by Susan Cage-Knoch
  • Tiny Teddies:
    7 1/4" Wooden Teddy Tabitha pattern
    by Susan Cage-Koch
    8" Snappy the Bear pattern
    by Linda Mead
    4" Playful Bears
    by Barb Hickey
    5 1/4" Embroider Bear Triplets
    by Laura Collins
  • Steve Schutt: Teddy Bear Tips From an Expert
    by Greg Philby
  • Bears For Baby:
    9" Sock Bears
    by Ann Kerchner with Barb Hickey
    Angel Bear Sampler
    by Lorri Birmingham
    12" Patches Bear
    by Taresia Boernke
    11" Crocheted Purple Pierre Bear
    by Mary Vermie
    Crocheted Teddy Cardigan
    by Michele Maks
  • Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear:
    Turn Around Duplicate-stitch(knit) teddy sweater
    by Barb Hickey
    Touch the Ground Appliqued Shirt
    by Margaret Sindelar
    Theodora Appliqued Sweatshirt
    by Barb Smith
    Jointed Bear Jewelry
    by Barb Hickey
    Teddy Jewelry
    by Elizabeth Vernier
    Teddy Bear Afghan(50x64in Crocheted)
    by Michele Maks
  • Born in the country...Bears by Flore Emory
    by Kathy Barnes
  • From the Editor
  • Bears to Buy
  • Win a Steiff Bear
  • Information Worth Writing For
  • The Bear Facts
    by Diane Axtell

Title: Teddy Bears: A Teddy Bear Treasury of Crafts, Collectibles, & Stories
Editor: Carol Field Dahlstrom
Publication Date: Magazine:1993
Publisher: Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications, DesMoines, Iowa
Page Count: 144
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/2" x 8"
ISBN: None

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating There is a huge variety of patterns here for almost all sizes of bears(see table of contents). Most have to be enlarged, but are gridded to help with this. They have some markings, but number seems to be determined by the designer.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions are broken down by body part, and there are no illustrations to go with them, except for Mr. Schutt's article on basic bear techniques - there you get some excellent photographs.

SUMMARY- You get a nice variety of patterns here, with clothing that can be taken off(not glued or sewn to the bear). I was afraid when I ordered the magazine that I would get a lot of generic patterns without any credits to the designers. That was clearly not the case, I'm happy to say. It was well worth the price of admission, with patterns from designers well known in the field.