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  • Introduction
  • Gnomes Made with Felt:
    • Simple Felt Gnome
    • Pencil Gnome
    • Flower Gnomes
    • Gnome for Beginners
    • Rose-hip Gnome
    • Finger Puppet Gnome
    • Gnome with a pipe-cleaner Frame
    • Gnomes Wrapped in Yarn
    • Gnomes wrapped with Unspun Wool
    • Grass Elf
    • Tree Gnome
  • Wooden Gnomes:
    • Little Wooden Gnome
    • Large Wooden Gnome
    • Rock Gnome
  • Gnomes Using Yarn:
    • Woollen Yarn Gnome
    • Little Knitted Gnomes
    • Knitted Baby Gnome
    • Knitted Gnome
    • Knitted Puppet
    • Story-telling Puppet
    • Walking Gnome
  • Dolls for Young Children:
    • Baby Gnome
    • Old Gnome
    • Climbing Gnome
  • Gnomes with a Wire Frame:
    • Little Folk
    • Old gnome
    • The Tomten
  • Gnomes Using Other Materials:
    • Gnomes made of nuts
    • Gnomes made of Sticks
    • Gnome Transparencies
    • Paper Chains
  • Embroidered Gnomes:
    • Table Runner
    • Cushion
    • Wall Hanging

Title: The Gnome Craft Book
Author: Thomas and Petra Berger
Publication Date: TPB:1999
Publisher: Floris Books, Edinburgh, UK
Page Count: 80
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 7 1/2" x 6 3/4"
ISBN: 0863153003

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating To save space, seam allowances are not included on the patterns. They are fairly simple with not a lot of markings. If you don't already know how to lay out a pattern, the instructions won't help. Patterns are pancake construction for the most part(no gussets). There are also patterns for embroidery and papercraft that are clever and engaging. Mr. Berger works in a wide variety of materials and the finished dolls are engaging. Copying the patterns isn't going to be easy - many of them go into the ditch and the book is not designed to lay open flat. Most of the patterns are full size, but a few will need to be enlarged for larger dolls.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions are pretty well broken down and easy to follow, with some diagrams to help support them, and a nice photo of each finished product with the instruction page.

SUMMARY- I was happy to run across this small paperback book. The dolls are creative and whimsical, and there are so many different materials used there really is something for everyone if you like whimsy. I was really pleased to add this book to my collection.

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