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  • The Weepeeple Family:
    • Family Portraits
    • Family Tree
    • Family History
  • The Family Members:
    • Barnard Zachary(Barney) Weepeeple
    • Mathilda(Maude) Perkins Weepeeple
    • Theobald Japheth(T.J.) Weepeeple
    • Parthenia (Birdie) Floyd Weepeeple
    • Penelope Delphinia (Gal) Weepeeple
    • Jeremiah Jeremiah (JayJay) Weepeeple
    • Gladstone Fred (Baby Gladys) Weepeeple
    • Casanova Barnyard (Casey) Weepeeple
    • Victoria Josephine Cleopatra (never Vicky) Mortimer Weepeeple
    • Brentwood Theodore Weepeeple
    • Gertrude Hortense (Amanda) Collingwood Weepeeple
    • Edward Barnyard (Leroy) Weepeeple
    • Hugo Weepeeple
    • Suzanne (Susie) Biggers Weepeeple
  • The Weepeeple Animals:
    • Titus Thurston(Hugger dog) & Marmalade Cat
    • Superstitious (Sue Pig) & Rutabaga (Turnip)
    • Millard Fillmore(Shutup Rooster) & Jane Chicken
    • Homer Cow & Lily Langtry
  • Tips & Techniques:
    • Materials, Tools, Sewing Tips
    • Soft Sculpturing Techniques
  • Making the Dolls' Bodies

Title: The Weepeeple: a unique adventure in crafts and Americana
Author: Ed and Stevie Baldwin
Publication Date: HC:1983
Publisher: The Family Workshop, Inc., Tulsa, OK
Page Count: 160
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 1/4" x 8 1/4"
ISBN: 0399128131

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating The characters are all different enough to have very strong individual personalities, while still being alike enough to obviously be family. Patterns are gridded to help enlargement process and have seam allowances marked. There are a few other markings to aid the sewer. People and animals alike are bursting with personality and appropriate details. I hope you can see the cover well enough to see for yourself just a few of this large family and their pets.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions are well broken down and have some illustration to go with them. Needlesculpting diagrams in particular will be very helpful putting together these dolls.

SUMMARY- This book is extremely engaging and the family history and individual stories are histerically funny to read. I really love the look of this family, and the authors go to a lot of trouble to make sure you can make every one of them. I highly recommend this book if you are brave enough to try your hand at needlesculpting - the rewards would be a sincerely treasured collection.

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