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  • Tips and Techniques
  • The Toy Chest: children's toys and furnishing
    • Mother Goose
      Schoolhouse Diaper Bag
      Amy Rag Doll
      Card Table Playhouse
      Alphabet Coverlet
      Travel Pal Tote Bag
      Child's Quiet Book
  • The Front Burner: hot projects for the kitchen
    • Country Morning Rooster
      Quick Quilted Potholders
      Kitchen Witch
      Stenciled Tablecloth
      Autumn Leaves Clock
      Canister Cover-ups
  • The Christmas Stocking: decorations for Yuletide
    • Christmas Angel
      Fabric Holly Wreath
      Handmade Christmas Ornaments
      Great Big Christmas Stocking
      Calico Christmas Tree
      Holiday Tablecloth
      Tiny Tim Doll
  • The Decorator Touch: accents for your home
    • Sunshine Patchwork Bedspread
      Quilted Owl Pictures
      Forever Calendar
      Latch-Look Flowers
      Hospitality Wreath
      Appliquéd Apple Quilt
      Easy Appliqué Pillows
  • The Clothes Hanger: unique projects to wear or carry
    • Patchwork Party Skirt
      Jiffy Backpack
      Folk Art Blouse
      Initialed Canvas Purse
      Save and Sew Wrapartound Skirt
      Lady Bug Appliqué
  • The Gift Box: great gifts and bazaar items
    • Calico Baskets
      Homespun Chicken Pillow
      Baby Birth Keepsake
      Americana Weathervane
      Happy Birthday Pillow
      Padded Fabric Frames

Title: Scrap Fabric Crafts
Author: Ed & Stevie Baldwin
Publication Date: TPB:1982
Publisher: HP Books, Tucson, AZ
Page Count: 160
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 10 3/4" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: 0895861682

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating There's a wide variety of patterns here, with a scattering of toys and dolls that can be played with. All the patterns will have to be enlarged, but are gridded at least to aid the crafter. Markings tend to be minimal, with some exceptions.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions are broken down into easy numbered steps and have some solid illustration to go with them.

SUMMARY- Wow is this a child of the 70's. I still find the patterns charming if a bit dated. I particularly loved the Autumn Leaves Clock and the Card Table Playhouse.