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Title: Let's Face It: expanded edition
Author: Elinor Peace Bailey
Publication Date: Booklet:1995
Publisher: Self-published, Hayward, CA
Page Count: 45
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11" x 8 1/2"
ISBN: None

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating You get several different gusseted head patterns of various styles (ex.- profile face with nose in seam, "flat" face with applied nose, gathered crown, seamed crown, pancake...). She gives you all the variations of emotional expression and shows you just how many ways eyes, noses and mouths may be drawn. The only photos are the heads shown on the front and back covers.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating Instructions are straight text, but pretty easy to follow. There are plenty of illustrations.

BONUS MECHANICS RATING:Star Rating I've given this booklet two extra stars for its creativity and encouragement to other would be crafters in plunging into this intimidating aspect of doll making.

SUMMARY- Ms. Bailey is a wildly creative spirit with an engaging and often funny writing style. I do strongly recommend this booklet.