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  • Before you start
  • FOR BABIES: Elephant Caddy, Mother Goose nappy holder, Humpty Dumpty bib
  • PUPPETS: Old McDonald glove puppets, Worm glove puppet, Apple place mat
  • DOLLS: Dutch doll, Prima ballerina doll, Topsy-turvy Cinderella doll, White-faced clown, Fancy dress bunny
  • LAMPSHADES: Parachute puppy lampshade, Carousel lampshade
  • SLEEP TIME: Sleepy time teddies, Sleepy bunny pyjama bag, Man-in-the-Moon pillowcase
  • DRAUGHT AND DOORSTOPS: Paddy the draught stopper, Clown doorstop, Hen and chickens doorstop
  • MOBILES: Parrot mobile, Clown hoop mobile
  • WALL HANGINGS: Sociable scarecrow storage hanging, Clown clock
  • STORAGE: Toadstool toy bucket
  • CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: Father Christmas wreath, Gingerbread man Christmas tree ornament, elf Christmas tree ornament, Christmas card holder, Goose Christmas tree ornament
  • Patterns

Title: SOFT TOYS MADE EASY: A step-by-step creative guide to making over thirty toys
Author: Gail Attwell
Publication Date: HC:1993
Publisher: New Holland Publishers, Ltd., London
Page Count: 95
Book Dimensions(ht. x w.): 11 1/4" x 8 3/4"
ISBN: 1853682543

PATTERN RATING:Star Rating. The toys and decorations are geared toward very young children, and so are somewhat simplified and sweet. The patterns have to be enlarged quite a bit, but are gridded to help the crafter. Despite the usual assortment of teddy and farm fowl patterns, there is some nice variety here and the photographs are nice full color.

INSTRUCTION RATING:Star Rating. The instructions are broken down into numbered steps, and there are a few illustrations to help the crafter. The simplicity of the patterns probably doesn't call for much more than that.

SUMMARY- Her patterns are inventive and engaging, if way too sweet for my tastes. Your mileage will almost certainly differ in this.